Monday, November 7, 2011

Guess what ppl??? were moving back to HAWAII!!!!

Thats right we are moving back to hawaii on JAN 1 2012 a perfect way to start the new year!!! Jay got accepted

so that means were going back to
so we can do this.....
so rusty can do this.....

and we can be this........

This has all happened so fast but the lord has literally made a way for
 this to happen and i know this is where he wants us to be and it feels so right!!! 
Im so happy that we get to raise rusty by the ocean since me and jay feel so at home there! Its gonna be an adventure with our family of three and im so pumped to be there! Im not gonna lie though i have really grown to love utah and  im happy we had our first year here we have grown alot and met alot of awsome ppl and have had some good times here! especially being able to spend so much time with my brother and his 4 boys we will miss them all so much. The lord has truly blessed us here and i know he directs all our lives and im so grateful for that.    Now i really can enjoy the snow and cold for the next month and half because i know that we wont be here fore the next 7 months of it:)  
................seee ya sooon hawaii!

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amynicole said...

eeeeeeeeee!!! i'm so excited for you! insanely jealous, but so very very elated!