Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Belly and Boogers

Ok these are sorta awkward pictures...but lets be honest who likes taking these fat belly picture anyways??? I know I don't! But I have had many complaints about how I have not posted any yet...So heres a couple Im waiting for jay to get home Im trying really hard not to eat the dinner I made..Im trying to wait for him to get home but I feel like gnawing at this table Im so hungary!! So im trying to keep myself occupied by blogging, or else I would have had him take the pictures!. So Im 26 weeks already YAY one more week and I will be in my 3rd trimester already yesssssssssss! I will not lie this last trimester.... semester...quarter whatever you want to call it..the last 12 weeks have went by pretty slow..barf but I feel time kicking in high gear now thank goodness!! Were so excited for rusty to come he's been doing lots of summersaults lately...I try to tell him to take it easy but Jay keeps telling me how I shouldn't encourage him to be lazy and that he needs to train in his liquid gym! If this kid has half the energy that jay does I fear im  in big big trouble!!! Any ways besides all his movements I feel great ! Just working , and trying to work out. I've resorted to doing p90x leg workouts because something funky is going on with my thighs.......fat!!!!! yuck so im trying to work it off! the elliptical was just not cutting it. I know it does seem a lil extreme but Im quite paranoid I feel like my legs were my one good feature .......I think rusty likes it when I do p90x he really gets a move on in there!!!

Here's one more shot

I also have one more exciting announcement .......I got a new car and its a very classy G ride ..It even has cromed out wheels!!! and it also was for FREE.99!!!! yup thats right jays awesome amazing grandparents who we love so much even drove it all the way hear from arizona... bless there sweet spirits!! while they were here took us on a nice fish dinner to the market place grill and gave me money so I could buy my first pair of maternity pants haulelulyaaaa!!!!!!!There grrrrreat I think I wanna get some for even after I have rusty!! Also forever 21 has a maternity line now and it is awesome I got my closet all stocked up!!!   Anyway back to my car it's even got a beep beep button that locks the car automatically!!!! Its green so we call it the boogie!! I love it!!!! and theres even a cd player "holler back son ooooooh ohhhhhhhhh" Don't worry I know your all wondering what it looks like ...I got   a picture for you right here.........
Nothing like a mercury sable!!! I know our lives have been richly blessed....seriously!!!   whelp until next time thanks for reading!
Love lex and lil rus russ