Sunday, September 25, 2011

the last 2 1/2 months wow time is flying by!!!!

ok wow where is the time going i swear im the worst blogger but dont worry ppl i will overload you with pick!!
heres the babes room

heres the babe in action
heres the babe chillin
heres the babe naky
heres the babe in pirate
heres the babe smily

heres me and my baby
heres the babe sleeping
Hes about 11 lbs and 24 inches he starting to smile and it melts our hearts!!! um he loves being held all the time...i mean all the time. He loves getting out of the house and driving, he loves loves loves bath time!!he obsessed with his binky!! hes colicky but were getting through it, work for me and school for jay trading off with the boogie man has been interesting but i think were starting to get into a routine! Thank goodness he really puts us in our place he hates bad music and any movie that isnt bringing the spirit he crys! he loves church and also loves the ladies he already has a girlfriend ashley he totally smiles at her and not me!!! anyway we love him so much and he really brings so much joy to our family hes a very sweet spirit and loved to be loved!!

Other events were me and jays 1 yr. anniversary we celebrated with blink 182 concert! it was so fun and it was good to get out of the house just us ..weird but good!we ate cheescake and went wild at the concert!

on our actual day the 11th we went and had dinner at the roof in slc it was such good food the best part was that we had met a couple and talke with them for about 20 min at the end of our dinner when the waitress came she told us that they had taken care of our whole bill!! what a blessing i 
know the lord 
was watching out for us it was awsome! thanks annie and david:)
another fun thing we did was go to our good friend lindsey wedding we had fun dancing with eachother and hanging with friends and new  family i had never met boogie was so good that day he always puts on a good show for other ppl who think hes an angel.....
when sometimes he acts like this...

hopefully i will be better at more recent updates but we love our boogie and cant imagine life with out this perfect lil man oh and one more thing he also inherited this from me...


chellyyy said...

awww the little man's room is adorable. scratch that you little man is adorable. CONGRATS!!!

Bethany Schoneman said...

Of course Rusty has Pearl! HAHA love it

Erin said...

LOVE it! Thanks for sharing, he is stinkin' cute. BTW: I promise I'll get Rusty's present in the mail sometime this week, we've been on vacay.

McKall said...

He is darling!! I'm still anxious to see you guys at church!