Monday, November 7, 2011

Oh.. and a happy Halloween

Almost forgot this year rusty was a hot dog!! Cutest hot dog ever

I'm such a mom i was a witch like last year because i just had no time ...with trying to pack for hawaii sell all of our things and taking care of a needy baby i had to go with last years costume..all well we still had a blast! we went to my brothers house where we went trick or treating suprisingly rusty was awsome he was just looking around at all the other kids lights and music! Jay was of course the talk of the neighborhood he was Captain james Hook and did not break character for the whole three hours!!! hahah i was crackin up the kids loved it of course it was there cool uncle jay!! all the fellow neighborhood mom and dads were just trying to figure out who this guy was!! I told jay he should skip school and go straight into buisness for disneyland!

and josh was the sweetest skeleton i ever met
And lets not forget a cute pumpkin outfit thanks grandma
and then the pumpkin

and how about a couple pictures of rusty just because hes the cutest baby ever:)

hahah this ones funny he was screaming as i was making his bottle in mid scream he just stops so i went over to find him realxing to a nice movie hahah too funny!

mmmm mmmm mmmmm i just love this boy!!!!!
and and cant forget this one
HAPPY HOLIDAYS! cant wait for thanksgiving with the fam and CHRISTMAS!!!!

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Erin said...

I love his costume! So cool you guys get to go back to Hawaii...we might need to come visit!