Wednesday, December 8, 2010

People&Places I love and miss .........A lot!

Ok so im alllll alone and starting my day off with a lil nausea.......barffffff thinking about all my hawaii friends i just miss you today my blog is dedicated to you!!!!!!!!!!
The owsleys.......A.K.A my boos......we had a lot of movie nights and boo would always make me something real nice to eat!

The haircut crew clan job il ever have, Lita was my Hawaii mom& boss

This is lindz this chick is one of my favorite ppl on this planet she's basically my sister we have lived together worked together and one summer i think we were literally connected like one of those twins that come out of the womb by the head! i love her what i wouldn't pay to drive around in the aloha van listening to who knows what with a redline and cheese puffs!( we also had the best birthday party ever!)

This is latrease my girlfriend we do lots of dancing together.....I win every time this girl is all about partying.......even spiritually I love her just like I love my sister and boo!! we laugh a lot best person to talk to bash on boys!!!! thats why were girlfriends forever!!! thats our baby...........we were just straight performing!!!!
sorry don't know why those are pixily

This is lil B i hope i have a girl just like her!!! i would adopt if they wanted me too!
This is kilez and scotty jay likes to be spartan and me and kiley just like to laugh we also seem to have the same style me and kiley and blaze have atleast 4 shirts that are exactly the same and we all love pancakes well fructose free for kilezz!
This is a lil game called monster pong!! thats issac he's a good time pretty much sums it up ohhh and i gave him those dreads:)

This is the ramp ....i think this particular night was girls night that was fun cuz then the boys weren't taking up all our time showing off.....I love you Katie (my work out partner) jackie my other (work out partner and moving helper) and jonna ( my friend and mother of B) you girls all kick ass!

These are dicksons.....they've been around for years!! hahahah but seriously these ppl have really helped me out they have great advice and im gratful for there friendship they have always been there to back me up I love you guys!!!!

This is carrie speed owsleys like I mentioned before (BOO) she's my other half we love blonde hair maria, holding hands, acai smoothies, the twins, driving in the burb-aloha van -the jetta when it worked-and surfboards well boog for me!, pirates, tanerexia, gossip magazines, lying around in big frumpy sweats, dancing, singing, painting, booing,u tubing brittney spears to see how we can transform our body's,jersey shore(snookie),watching chick flicks,svs, and each other we! havnt talked a lot since i have moved to utah were both busy but im gonna make a better effort cuz i really do miss her a lot!!

These are the speed!!! they are my boos parents. They have clothed me, housed me, jobbed me, and everything in-between!! I don't know what i would have done without them in my life imgrateful for all they have done and i love them like my very own family!!! thanks cindy and mike!

This is my family well part of them but i really miss miss my family always
love those lil guys

This is grandma and grandpa there awesome they teach us sooo much!
this is my dad rodge  im pretty sure im just waiting to take a sip of his drink!!! ahah bad habit, I think he secretly likes it!
This is amy she's my real sister by blood....she's an angel like the real kind the sweetest most kind hearted patient person i look up to her so much she is the best you aim!!

This is shelby I call her Poo she's been another best friend since i was like 7 i think we know everything and i mean everything about each other were complete opposites but it works!(Im so lucky that I have so many amazing best best friends in the whole world)

See the blonde the second one with the red high heels her name is maria pia some ppl say we look like twins i always have ppl ask me if she is my sister...sometimes we tell ppl we are cousins she is another awesome fun time!!!!!! we have had great beach days eating feasts and our car dance parties most of them witch were held in gigi( that was my geo metro that died and of course sally my dads stange!!!!!)

This is chase also known as boo well he's my other boo one summer me boo and boo spent everyday together boos a great hugger and a great guy....miss you yetti

This is maybe one of my all time favorite moments ...It has my boos#1 but i think mostly cuz it captures us soooo well salty pat, well carrie is just carrie, and im just giving that look like the "best mom look ever"thats what boo said hahahaha

This was maui the most needed trip in the world! thats were me and boo really became awesome friends we just connected but after 4 days of being in the back of the truck we looked pretty haggard!

This is a wonderful creation called impossibles pizza its a lil pizza truck on the north shore they have the best pizza in the whole world my favorite thai chicken but it doesn't matter what you get you wont be able to stop!!! I wanna say that night the 4 of us ate both the whole pizza(each size is larger than a costco slice keep in mind) ......And yes pat no one likes the first bite of a slice.....hahahahahha
 This is last yr at waimea ...One of my favorite times was to watch this surf competition it only happens every 5-6 years its called BIg Eddie It was sic the end.
And this is waimea  on a regular day!!!Also was my favorite part of the island to drive by sooooo pretty this picture does it no justice!

Me and Jay ...I don't remember what we did on this day but i know it was a good day!

Ummmmmm I also love something called DISNEYLAND!!! these were both great days !! but i mean how can a day at disneland be bad!!!
 Last but not least My Mom she's the funnest coolest best mom and i miss her all the time she's another best friend,but she would do anything for me!!!!!Love ya mommasita!!!
(babuschca) hahahh don't ask!

two peas in a pod!

This has been so much fun for me to go through pictures and just laugh!! Now you know a lil more about me if you didn't already.  I have been in many different places and everyplace i have ever lived i have had good times and great friends!! I know i will make some here in utah too but till then i love thinking back on all my family friends and amazing memories i have.......lifes good !!!!!

Peace out Lex

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jack frost roasting on an open fire!!

 Step 1. find "The One"

 Step 2. Get out the music and stuff and let your ornament be your guide!
Step 3. Finished product!! ..If your wondering I had a lot of my tree decorations from my single days there kinda girly with the pink bows...but I love it!!!

O.k  I love christmas time and love christmas music more than the average person I make jay listen to it in the car when we drive anywhere he secretly likes it too! I also LOVE christmas trees ,we went and we got our very own christmas tree from home depot it was the first one we saw and right in front and not to expensive it looks fake its so darn pretty jay thinks its because they get them right here and they don't have to be shipped...anyway it was a fun FHE!

Monday, November 29, 2010

ummmmmmmm yeah

yeah i think you get the point baby baking in the oven .......holy crap.....we are soooo excited

Sunday, November 28, 2010


So then it was over:( It was time to drive home another 11 hours.....but well worth every minute!

more fun times brought to you by arizona.......
 Biggest cowboy boot in the world!
 Smallest church in the world!
 Breakin out

 Setting off again
 This was a indian store we stopped at right out of havassue they had some cool stuff and awesome moccasins!

 Grandpa said there were no bugs out there..... yeah right this lil furry friend was right outside a store ready to go buy something!
 Jay beanie he made
back to the utah mountains

The trip was soooo much fun we love our families sooo much we have so much to be grateful for this thanksgiving season
We love you grandma and grandpa.....thanks for teaching us so much about how we want to be as we grow older!!!