Monday, November 21, 2011

Wow a week from hell to heaven

Well I guess you could say that the beginning of last week went a lil like this......sucky...first off monday night ended in our first visit to the ER with lil boogie man, which i would never say is a nice or good experience with your first newborn child. Well hes 4 months now so i can consider him a baby. Anyway The day started out not to bad but he was very sleepy which wasnt exactly normal he usually likes to have some play time so i ignored it and went about my day. J got home and it was time for me to go to work. So i get dropped of im doing my normal you know making my client look beautiful. I get a call from J i normally dont answer but i did, to a very panicked daddy on the other line could hardly make out words and then herd im coming in and we need to take him to the emergency room as they entered my work a very sleepy baby with throw up pretty much drenching his onsie. Supposedly projectile vomit which ended up on the back of seat as well as all over his car seat.We changed him he started going to sleep again and look very drowsey that scared me so better to be safe then sorry and being so late at  night we took him to the e.r. We told them what happened and they said he would need an iv!!.. what an iv i thought in my head(thats gonna be fun..NOT)and an xray of his stomach for a muscle that might be forming there causing all the throwing up. So are lil man being as strong as he is, needed 3 nurses and a good papa holding him down. I dont think me and J have ever been so traumatized yikes! That was heartbreaking seeing him scream bloody murder and seeing him in so much pain i gently stroked his head and tryed to tell him it was gonna help him.

 The nausea medicine they gave him helped him go to sleep, they took the xray and came back and said that they see something and that now he need to get an ultrasound and if the ultrasound came back positive that he would have to immediatley be taken to a different hopital for surgery. Oh goody this is just getting awsome just the thought of that made me and j start crying. So as we went into the ultra sound of course rusty awoke to a strange lady putting this weird goo and big machine on his stomach. He just started kicking and screaming and this lady could not get a clear shot. At this time it had been 6 hours since he had not eaten so i tried to feed him a lil to calm him down. J gave him a blessing right there to either heal him or get a clear shot. She did she got 2, so back to our room we went and waited. and waited. and waited. They finally came back to negative results .RELEIF!!!!So we went on our way he slept like a baby that night poor lil man.
  Well the next day he seemed really out of it still so we had are bishop help J give him another blessing. Things were seeming good after he went to bed. I sorta felt a lil nauseated but was so tired i ignored it. So we all went to bed Rusty woke up crying at 1230  yay. I woke up to help him to find myself running to the bathroom to use the um well restroom if you know what i mean.I told j he needed to help rusty cuz i couldnt he was trying to calm him down but wasnt working. So when i was done i went to try to help j to fing my self runnning back to the bathroom to this time throw up. Really double duty this has surely never happen to me before jay was running back in forth from russ's room to my new best friend the toilet(I can laugh now but then i felt like i would die). this lil game went on for two hours the thing that made it even worse is that yes rusty cried that whole time it was caose!So i went to bed with my bucket and rusty finally fell asleep with dady in the bed. So about and hour and a half goes by to find myself awake to the same miserable thing here we go again for round 2....and then round 3 before i finally had J give me a blessing i was able to sleep till about 9 thank you rusty for sleeping in. For once again  round 4. Thank you for answered prays when i awoke i had to feed rusty really how do moms do this i want to be the sick one and get pampered.No not in the life of a mom, J woke up to find he couldnt get out of bed with the flu. . I called my neighbor because i literally had no energy to hold rusty she took him for a while while my other angel friend went to the store for me and j for some much needed necessitys . I prayed for strength to get through the day. I had to do laundry to clean sheets blankets and towels to get rid of this devil thing. I sprayed disinfectant in every corner of our house. The missionaries came over to now give j a blessing  he ended up sleeping most of the day while i took care of the laundry and had to pick rusty back up. 4 o clock rolled around only to find j running to the toilet to now finally throw up.So as you can see we have had a fun couple of days. I will testify the power of the priesthood its a powerful tool that is such a blessing from are heavenly father. The last several months have been a challenge for are family but through the prayer and priesthood i really have felt the love and strenghth from my heavenly father! Im so thankful for a religion that has the full truthfulness! 
  Luckily on fri a family friend was able to watch rusty for like 5 hours the longest we had ever left him me and jay had a blast we watched twilight

I cant wait for the next one!!

Of course it was awsome!.Then we had lunch could barely put it down but still had tons of fun and ran some errands without baby! 
Its safe to say we are definatley looking forward to this week in St. George for some family time and a much needed BREAK!


Nate and Steph Payne said...

Isn't it so much fun being the one to take care of everyone and everything even though your sick? We had to take Kennedy to the ER when she was 4 weeks old and she was there for 3 days and they tried for a spinal tap 6 times and couldn't get anything. Nothing is worse than having to go to the ER for your baby. Hope you guys have a better week!

shira said...

you poor guys! what a nightmare! hope you are doing well! little rusty is soooooo freakin cute in those pics! i need to kiss those chubby cute cheeks!!!!!! hurry and come to cali!