Monday, November 29, 2010

ummmmmmmm yeah

yeah i think you get the point baby baking in the oven .......holy crap.....we are soooo excited

Sunday, November 28, 2010


So then it was over:( It was time to drive home another 11 hours.....but well worth every minute!

more fun times brought to you by arizona.......
 Biggest cowboy boot in the world!
 Smallest church in the world!
 Breakin out

 Setting off again
 This was a indian store we stopped at right out of havassue they had some cool stuff and awesome moccasins!

 Grandpa said there were no bugs out there..... yeah right this lil furry friend was right outside a store ready to go buy something!
 Jay beanie he made
back to the utah mountains

The trip was soooo much fun we love our families sooo much we have so much to be grateful for this thanksgiving season
We love you grandma and grandpa.....thanks for teaching us so much about how we want to be as we grow older!!!

1,842 milezzz to yuma

Well we took our first vacation to arizona and boy was it awesome really embracing the cowboy mentality and really loving the country! I documented the whole thing since I knew I would be blogging:)

So we took off on thursday and we hit up a beautiful sunset
So our first stop was my sister Amy's house in glibert AZ we had so fun we hung out we did a lil fishing had a birthday dinner and lets not forget ............skateland!!!!
Eli was ..lets just say it might have been bambie the first time he hit the stomach was hurting so bad from laughing!
Don't worry me and Amy really had some moves......O.K  im gonna let you in on a lil secret....Me and my sister used to pretend that we were iceskaters and would do performances in our driveway to disney soundtracks mostly Beauty and the Beast and of course the lil mermaid !! so we were really bringing back some of our old moves!!!(by the way my sister was like 15 and i was like 7)

we were all having a really good time! Once eli was over the rollerskaing ... he went back to his roots dancing ...he's really just following in his aunt sissy(me) footsteps.
So we also did a lil fishing while we were there jr he's my mini me he caught a lil guy you can see it right down there in the right corner

So we hung out there for a couple more days ..saw one of Jays mission companion's and Jay had to do some work down there but it was awesome cuz his work paid for all are gas for the whole trip!!! ....and the lord just keeps the blessings coming!

and then we off again on the road to yuma!!
passing the time....... we stopped at a lil gas station and there were just hundreds of rad figurines, Jay said I had three dollars I could spend on a souvenir so I bought pueblo
We finally made it to yuma after 300 miles of driving we did a lot of really cowboyish things are first stop with grandma Lynda was the Yuma territorial PRISON! it was awesome I was so excited to go there were a lot of cool facts.There was a girl that entered there for killing her lover who had cheated on her and cut out his heart and then threw it at his face haha, and a lot of other really crazy things like the dark whole who some prisoners were there for 4 months straight. They would throw down snakes and scorpions, let me tell you it was dark! I could not imagine being in that in 120 degree weather...yikes!

Jay was really breaking out his modeling skills ha

The next thing we learned how to do was Knitting....well jay used a loom but grandma Lynda taught me the old skooll way and we made beanies and I knitted headbands ....I still have a lot to learn, but I learned from the best!
 Then next we did a lil shooting with grandpa at the range! It was awesome....I shot a riffle, a shot gun, a old cowboy pistol and 9mil! Grandpa knows a lot about guns he taught me some good stuff..the riffle was my favorite grandpa lee said I would make a great cowboy shooter!!

Two peas in a pod......Really!
Theres a lot of hidden talents that Jay has that I just had no idea about one of them is gun shooting...He won some oldwest competition shooting ......others include indian floot playing, beat boxing, kong fu, tai chi, karate...he can play a couple songs on the piano and now a loomer! he's really well rounded! I love him:)
So the rest of the time with grandma and grandpa merrifield at there Alamo we ate a really good deep fried turkey with some of there neighbor friends and the rest of Jays family. Went to Mr. fish with the best fish tacos ever ...who would have known they would be in yuma Arizona! And just enjoyed talking watching John Wayne cowboy movies and of course some more knitting... and maybe a lil of black friday shopping!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

OK I can do this!

Hello friends so I am pretty sure I am writing a post but as you all know Im basically retarded with computers hence the weird books in this profile i don't even know how I got that, I wanted like skulls or something! Anyway Im lexy and im married to Jay We just got married and moved to south jordan UTAH! I told my mom that I would never move here ever again and welp I think that, that backfired! Ahah but its ok cuz were acttualy really liking it we miss are friends from hawaii and the beach but you cant have it all! Im getting really excited for the snow and it is currently hailing as we speak! I think its coming soon. Jay is gonna go to school in January he's really excited and so am ....cuz he's working this job that well just got worse cuz the weather really crapped out, he's been going door to door...but NOT selling anything he like to clarify that! anyway it will be good when he's doing something that he's excited to start. I am currently working in a salon called Great Looks and its a place where I can make your looks great! Haha well i started at a place called sojo and they were cool but i got no walkins and being in a place where i don't know anybody that was not helping. So I got this new job and its working out a lot better i get walkins and it reminds me of the haircut store so i feel right at home and all the girls that work there are really nice to me! So if you live in utah and need your hair done feel free to book your appts now!!

So were really liking married life its been really fun to get my wife powers I mean im really good at cleaning not so much at cooking every time I bake cookies there either to hard or to gooey than theres the gravy thats more like a science class than I thought although my mom did say that its an art that takes time so that makes me feel better!!! Jay's pretty good at cooking, but as you all know jay he's pretty intense and it is the same way in the kitchen so i really try to stay out of the way!  Other than that we watch a lot of movies .......a lot we don't do much we haunt found a ton of friends yet so were getting fat and lazy......and the cycle begins just kidding ...sorta but utah is a very beautiful state especially when it snows and the whole valley is white ......its pretty cool were pumped to go snowboarding ...if we have the funds. I guess Il just keep you posted im really not sure how long I have to wait to make another post but im sure Il catch on... and Il try to post more pictures i know everyone likes those!!!
Love LEX