Monday, February 14, 2011

the day of love

The day of LOVE

So many ppl hate Valentines not particularly a chessey person......but i happen to love valentines...... flowers, chocolate, hearts, LOVE......don't get me wrong when i was single i was unsure about valentines....i had some unusual valentine days.... i usually would go on a shopping spree or eat tons of food one time i ate a whole pan of ponypopo(its a hawaiian dish consisting of hawaiian bread with coconut milk pored on top) could only imagine how my night ended! that was a memorable valentines hahahah.......if your are single its not only about being with someone but everyone in your life that you love!    since its me and jays 1st valentine i decided to make a lil post about us..........

TO........First comes Love

Then comes Marriage......
and just because i loved my wedding so much i have to put pictures of my cupcakes and my pirate eye patches

Then comes a Baby in a Baby carriage!!
TO EVERYONE ON VALENTINES DAY..............HAPPY LOVIN ...even if you don't have a special someone....go buy your self some chocolates!!!!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

oh hello there people i know i don't even know if anyone gets on here but i suck at updating!! sorry ppl. but our life has been sorta boring lately . Jay started school and i've just been working a nights are filled with reading because jay is always studying and doesn't leave our room for hours! i read a lot of babies books or pregnancy really starting to feel fat...i know i know im like barley showing.....but still all my clothes have been getting a lil tight lately....i've even resorted to wearing jays jeans......but it feels so good!! so im about 15 weeks along   almost 4 months....i always hate it when ppl talk in weeks i never understood .....but im starting to do it now too........gosh ok so this is what our "sea monkey" looks like

ahhhhhhhhhhh that is soooooo weird......anyway its cool because i've felt sea monkey flutter twice i cant wait to see what an actual kick will feel like!!

So we have some exciting things coming up #1 is that were going to CALIFORNIA...THE GREATEST place on EARTH......boy how i have missed it we've only been gone not even 6 months but it feels like a don't worry we will have many pictures to come...........until then just sit tight!!

#2 is that we find out what were having in three weeks and we will finally have a real picture of this lil alien sea monkey thingy!!!!.....awesome !!! i will try to lay off the donuts that vie been craving....yikes no wonder my pants don't fit!!!!

love lex