Sunday, July 17, 2011

Rusty is here!!!!!!!!!


Well are lil rustys man is here and he is the most precious thing ever!! Me and baby are doing very well after a very short very intense labor!! Im still alive I cant believe its already been 5 days ....Don't feel left out I havnt talked to any of you yet  I felt like death till today!!We are so in love and very blessed!! Heavenly Fathers plan is amazing and families really are for forever and this experience has made that even more of a reality of the plan of salvation! We are soooooo stoked on our lil man!!


Well It all began about the 11th I had braxton hicks and cramps for about a day and the next day I lost my plug I knew it was coming close ...but every one and there mother told me" in your dreams every one on there first baby goes late" But I knew my body and also knew that my mom and sister also had fast labors so that day I ended up sleeping all day long(GOOD THING). That night at about 4 o Clock I was having a dream ..the dream was me my mom, dad ,my brother and sister and Jay were all playing at the beach we were all in the water playing in the waves, I was walking the edge of the water and told everybody they needed to get out!! My mom said she was having to much fun then a huge tsunami wave came and my mom told every one to run back in the water to duck dive the tsunami wave haha so we did and all got plastered we all came up and then all of a sudden I woke up and my water broke instantly! I don't mean just a lil bit of water It was like the whole thing so i tried to stay calm ......jay took some sleeping pills that night and had ear plugs in and was so out of I Gently rubbed his arm and said honey my water broke ...He said what..I said my water broke He popped up and yelled"what theres water in the bed!" I said no my water broke! so he jumped out of bed I called my midwife she sounded half asleep she told me i should stay home because first time labors last for hours she said i could come in but expect to go back home...Well I knew my body and I told her we were coming in to be safe we took showers jay gave me a blessing and we got are bags and left its a 45 min drive to salt lake and my contractions were starting to become very intense!! We got there and I was admitted they were asking me all sorts of questions and trying to give me Iv because i had an infections so i needed pencillin so rusty wouldnt get it they kept telling us our midwife was on her way it felt like an eternity my contractions were getting even stronger and right on top of each other. She finally came and clarified my water did break well DUHHHHHH and so they said we could go into our room. From the start we had decided I wouldn't have an epidural so we had learned some techniques at our class we went to. I instantly Got into a hot tub...I pretty much moaned through my contractions to get through them I maybe had 30 seconds to 45 second break in between my contractions jay was a great coach he would rub my back through them I couldn't look or talk to anyone I started to  moan extremely loud and they were starting to get unbearable my midwife said she would check to see where I was at after an hour in the tub she checked me and I was at a 9!!! thank goodness I still was getting no breaks and felt a strong urge to push!! she said why don't we get you on the bed..and that it was a good thing we came in ....UH YEAH HELLO I got onto the bed and she said I could start pushing through my contractions .I really cant describe the feeling of pushing...ITS JUST KNARLY!! through the contractions all i can say is that I don't think you can say your a women until you have given birth !!!!!!!!! through each contraction I would push I was pushing as hard as I could there was a lil piece of cervix around his head so she massaged it till his head was completely uncovered I pushed and pushed I felt like I wasn't getting anywhere ...I pushed so hard that I popped blood vessels in my eyes and broke a capillary in my nose one of my pushes blood just shot out from my nose all over my stomach.When they say the savior bled from every poor ...I now know it can truly happen I was pushing so hard that every poor in my face broke open so if you can notice in my picture my face is a lil purple thats why I have all these purple dots all over my face ...I really cant understand these chicks who have the pictures looking so pretty with there babies in the hospital...ahah that def not me! anyway, my contractions would stop and i would have to push after through no contractions they finally said his head was coming!!!!!! jay was so encouraging and i just kept on apologizing to the nurses for sounding like a wounded cow that was dying...thats really what i sounded like, I was so in the zone that there was just one thing on my mind GET HIM OUT..I started to cry a lil bit, I had been pushing so hard that my eyes were swelling shut......finally after an hour he was on my chest!!!!!!! It was the most surreal feeling ever I felt so much releif it was finally over and it was still only 8:20 in the morning!!! praise to all you women who are in labors for 20 hours barffffff ! I could barley see him cuz my eyes were so swollen but I felt like the luckiest girl in the world!!....Lil rusty man is such a lil mumchkin head he def looks like daddy(lots of dark hair) but has my lips and my fat cheeks and I think my eyes there BLUE now and hopefully they wont change!!! OUr family has been awesome I have had so much help I don't know what il do without them or how ppl have a newborn with multiple children its a full time job....breast feeding is an interesting thing I feel like I instantly got a double D boob job I walk around all day with no shirt on cuz i literally cant have anything touch them ouch this hurts but I love that im giving my baby the nutrients he needs.....its a really cool feeling and its so instinctive for them It was so crazy that rusty could feed only 15 min after he cam out!!All I can say is womens bodies are truly amazing and I wouldn't want it any other way ...I LOVE BEING A MOMMY!!!

this picture was us so bored waiting to be checkout out of the hospital we rapped up in jay in a burrito too...well maybe you had to be there we were laughing so hard.

Time to go home!!!!!

I will try to keep you posted......My blog might just turn into rustys blog...I never thought i would be one of those moms who takes and posts so many pictures of there baby....hahaha But I completely understand now every picture looks different to you but the same for everyone else! you just want to capyure each moment!!!