Thursday, May 19, 2011


So me and jay finally got to go home to california!!!! It was the best week of our lifessssss!!! It was are baby moon! It was so nice to get away from work and school and cold......Since we never got a honey moon and baby rusty will be here in 10 weeks we needed to have a lil get away something that probably wont happen just the two of us till were in our 40's ...hopefully not that long but you never know..and we got to FLY. When the flight attendant got on and said we were descending I was like are you serious that was soooo short we would have barely been outside Nephi if driving. We were clearly loving life we got off the plane in long beach....sunny  Praise the lord ahhhh it felt so good !! Jays grandparents who are amazing ppl picked us up and took us to a hardy breakfast we had many of those that week!! we spent the week at his aunts and uncles house in whittier they have a sick house with a pool.....even with a lil bit of a burn still you know I was laying out every chance I got!! The sun Gods really shined on us that week every time we went to the beach It was warm sunny and beautiful the water didn't feel that bad either!!!

We miss the ocean sooooo much one day we will live here again till then we have to be grateful for these short moments by the seashore:)

We ate a lot of food including our favorite spots in soca mosuns sushi and padros mexican food  ..yummmmmm we spent time just being lazy and watching TV. I did hair and saw some of my favorite ppl. I had a baby shower and seriously got HOOKED up Rusty is one lucky boy i felt so loved a lot of my favorite family and friends were able to come we had to take a whole suitcase just of clothes for him ...he's so spoiled already!
He is gonna be one cute lil Pirate Thank You everyone who got us stuff your all awesome!!!
Heres some other pics from my pirate baby shower bely and all

 Gosh I miss my mom we def didn't get enough time with each other I only saw her during the weekend she such an inspiration to me. Right now she is taking care of my grandma who had dimentia and its hard ..Im glad she got a break and that she was able to spend it with me

Jay is such an amazing husband he has really taken care of me through my pregnancy ......he is gonna be the best daddy to rusty he was is so excited to be a dad and that helps calm my nerves cuz i know he will help out as much as he can ...I love you J and I loved our baby moon!!

Welp Its back to the realworld doc appts, work,school, and moving on sat, its gonna be crazy busy till rusty gets here ...YAY for baby moons till next time see ya soon
Love levy and Rusty

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Nate and Steph Payne said...

lexi. you are such a cute little preggo eggo! your life looks so awesome right now... having a baby is the best thing in the world! kennedy is at the point where we just have fun and play and laugh everyday! i can't wait to see pictures of baby rusty!!