Thursday, May 19, 2011


 So I have a pretty funny/sad story those who all know me know I love the sun and I can be a lil tanerxic. Although I now live in utah skin has gotten disgustingly white (yuck), apparently I have been in denial and thought I was a little tanner than what I was.The only sunny day that has really come aound here it was probe 70 degrees and I wasn't gonna pass this opportunity up!!!! so i took me and my pregnant belly down to our pool without sunscreen who needs it right I mean I tan so well and have olive skin "who needs it I thought".  Gosh it was soooooo nice the warm sun touching my body I laid out read magazines dozed off I was in Heaven I could clearly see a Tan line so  I was stoked!!! It felt like the best day of my life!  Jay picked me up and i came home I took off my romper ......Jaw drops "babe you are soooo red" no way I thought maybe a lil pink .Oh NO I was RED, RED as in  REEDDDD! omg the burn instantly came all over the front of my body obviously I couldn't turn over the whole time just the front of me . As the hours passed my red got redder and my skin felt like it was literally on fire . All the years this skin has seem some damage but never like this my friend brought over some can of burn spray it helped a lil i was soo restless that night we put an ice pak on my belly luckily my back side was completely normal ha. After 3 home remedies of a vinegar oatmeal bath, a call in panic to my midwife thinking i was frying lil rusty inside ,days of being so uncomftorable.and a week of peeling im fine:)
.......But this clearly tells me sunscreen can never hurt you

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