Monday, June 13, 2011

our life is crazy....and about to get crazier!!!

(this was at the tabernacle last week where we were able to hear the was amazing)

Well where  do I even Begin??? If I was better at updating I wouldn't have to fit so much in in one blog!! So Im going on my 34th week and me and jay are definatley feeling are nerves.....for so long It didn't seem like lil rusty was really coming, But my doctor informed me that from working so much Im starting to dilate and thin out already I was supposed to take more time to rest but are lives have been so crazy that I havnt had time to relax and let rusty grow ....My last doctors apt rusty didn't get bigger and I had lost some weight so with preterm labor signs are anxiety has shot out the roof! We moved to a new apt in draper it has two bedrooms and rusty has his own room now are apt is a lot bigger and in a great neighborhood! We have an awesome trail which we have only gotten to walk once together and are ward is full of great members who are eager to love and serve us we feel really blessed. Jay started school two weeks ago and is trying to get back in the swing of things from having a two month break. All my clients have seem to come all at once so I have been working a lot. Trying to get are new place set up hanging with friends for birthday dinners, and date nights while being in a new environment. The stress of the baby that could really come at any time and the other ordinary everyday life has made life interesting and stressful! I understand why we always have general conference talks on slowing are life down so we have time to hear and feel the spirit to help us! My grandma hannah honey passed away this week and my parents will be driving up to have a burrial in logan ut where she will get to be next to the love of her life bill!! Im so excited for her she will be missed but much happier on the other side being able to watch out for us and help our family through lifes trials. She was a really faithful women and she wanted me to have her ctr ring which she wore everyday on her pinky finger...It made me feel special and I hope I will be able to carry some of her faith with me as we bring a new baby into our family and add a whole new feel of stress of learning how to take care of our lil spirit and the pressure to teach him faith in the gospel!I have been thankful for prayer in the last couple of weeks ,It has given are family faith to press forward in faith not fear.Im sure me and Jay will be ok just like other new newlyweds that have babies in the mix of school and work we will figure it out with the lord! Hopefully Rusty will say in a lil longer so he can get real chunky!!

There was one day last week were we were able to blow steam and finally have a pool day with friends and food!!heres some pics of the day
Laying out essentials
Girl talk
My sexy babys daddy
And cant forget philly!
Till next time love lexy and baby rus rus!


amynicole said...

Lexxxxxi you look so goooood!!! i can't wait to see your little rusty! try to relax! everything will work out just great! i'm so excited for you two!

Meg said...

Oh no! Keep him cookin'! Tosh was born at 35 weeks and had to stay in the NICU for 5 days. Which may seem like nothing, but it felt like FOREVER, and it was soooo hard! Try and take it easy! Seriously. Can't wait to see the little guy, and meet him in August!

Steph said...

The last month is the worst! Go swim alot, I always loved being weightless in the pool. We'll keep you in our prayers! Love you!!

shira said...

can't wait to meet ur little cutie! i'm so excited that ur having a baby boy- colton and rusty will be little surfer buddies for sure!!! i love u and miss u and i can't wait to see u guys!!! ur belly is so cute! has ur belly button popped out yet?