Friday, September 28, 2012

YIKES im the worst blogger ever since its been like a year......IL UP DATE


       As you know we were livng in hawaii well that was short lived but it was fun being back for a couple of months to enjoy my home away from home it was quite different with a child and having a husband in school last time we were there me and jay were only dating both working and had free time . Although i did get to go to the beach alot!! and had some mom friends and there was lots of babies but rusty was the youngest and did get beat up alot especially by frank!! so the semester was coming to a close and we had some decisions to make and were running low on cash so we decided to do summer sales which took us all the way to KANSAS yes kansas where dorthy and toto live!! it was quite the experience! jay would work most the day not coming home till 10-12 o clock at night. It was safe to say that me and rusty had alot of time on our hands. We only had a rental because when we moved from hawaii, once again selling our only asset the tundra and leaving mostly everthing in storage and being limited to three bags on an airplane for 4 months is not alot stuff especially with a baby!! So we used the rental car again to buy all new stuff kitcken crib and food. the first couple of weeks were quite boring and i said to myself this is going to be the longest summer of my life and then i met amy and brittney powell the powell girls are sister in laws and both had two children 2 of which were older and 2 who were babies. rusty was smack in the middle and once again was the lil guy always getting bet up and kicked out by the older girls! but these two moms saved my life we hung out every day and had a blast there was a lot of chick-fil-a and parks and of course the farmstead which was actually really cool we went there alot!! summer was moving quite rapidly and it was time for them to go home to utah for a visit for 2 weeks i thought i would die and then i made another friend brook shes pregnant with her first and has a lil dog named waffles(i usually hate lil dogs but this one was cute) so we hung out pool time lots of walmart trips the mall and lots of custard man that custard was good and lets not forget that kansas was on fire!! literally kansas was like a freakin sauna!!! gosh darnit that place was hot there were two weeks were we couldnt even go to the pool because it was so hot poor jay i give him probs i have no idea how he walked door to door in that heat ! there was the occasional er visit for heat stroke oh and the one time he passed out on someones lawn but he was a hard worker and never quite!! so any way me and brook had lots of fun together and its safe to say that it wasnt all bad (oh wait i forgot about the tonando and how we were in some strangers basement for 4 hours...that was bad)I made some life long friends and it was a very big learning experience for our whole family i am glad its over atleast for 8 more months!
    So then it was july and my birthday came my sister flew me out to arizona where i had a blast such a neeeded break my mom suprised me and we just chilled all week long saw my good friend ashley and maria pia ate lots of yummy food hit the pool and and laughed and cried together it was just what i needed!! my sister is so amazing i felt so at home and we had a blast at the roller rink we always go when i go to see her in arizona,and im not gonna lie were pretty good at it!. As kids we used to put on disney sound tracks and "figure skate" in the driveway we have some tricks up our sleeves and we still got all the right moves!!.
     So summer came to an end and we found out that we did not get into tva which is married student housing at byuhawaii so we decided to make our journey back here to utah pretty much full circle 2 years later we are here and enjoying it we moved to bountiful and have a cute lil condominium and a new car and our lil family. We have moved alot sold all our furniture our car so once again starting from scratch you think we would learn ha! its been an adventure and at times its been hard but i feel like hopefully we are learning from our mistakes making memories and growing!

Other things that have happened
 *Rusty turned 1
(he is huge heavy and very busy, i would say this is the funnest age i love it so much hes just my lil buddy and is sooo dang cute)
 *me and jay had our 2 year anniversary
 *we all celebrated our birthdays in july
 *we bought our first car
 *i flew back to hawaii and got the rest of our stuff (it was the first time i ever left rusty.. it was awsome a great mini v cation but i was ready to see him  after 5 days!!!)
 *I live only 1 minute away from mini hill its very exciting!!
 * I have started to craft
 *and my best friend is gonna have her baby in two months so happy for my boo carrie owsley!!
 *Rusty first trip to disney land
 * My first time to the dodgers game
 * my first time to the circus

Ok now that im back to a more normal life in a sense il be better at trying to keep up!!
Here some pics from the last couple of months!

Heres the last month of our stay in hawaii....

We had Krystal Wares take family photos shes amazing get your pictures done by her!!!!

This was a nice walk on the Laie to kahuku Trail

One last beach day

AND......the 5 hour flight back to ca

 Of course Rusty loved Disneyland (hes really big on mickey mouse club house!!)

and then los doyers

 then there was ......KANSAS
we did lots of swimming

and the famous farmstead

repin vivnt

theres jay just saving lives in his uniform there getting life alert!

dont forget about the TORNADOS yeah it was pretty darn close!!! I was scared.

Rusty birthday

me and rustys favorite part of the farmstead was the goats

first time eating cake!!

First carousel ride
and  alot of leggings and naked babies

Then we packed up yet another time and moved to bountiful UT

car break rusty was happy to get out of his carseat
I sanded and re-painted the side tables and chest of drawers

ok the circus was aammmazing

the tigers were my favorite

dont forget our 30$ snowcone and icey

Hes just getting to big!!

and our home for now the beautiful mountains

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