Thursday, March 15, 2012

KO Olina

so the speeds were in town of course it was a part especially because my boo was in town we took care of the kids cut some bangs and then headed over to the westside for some fun in the sun to get out of the crappy rainy weather this is what we did.... partied !!!!! hard!!!!!

as you can see rusty was really enjoing himself!! For all you blue crush fans out there  dont worry we stayed there...BALLIN

\\Lets not forget my booooo

Oh yeah and one last thing its rusty 8MONTH BIRTHDAY
This guy is seriously the sweetest baby on planet earth I dont know how I deserve someone sooooo special but i just love him to peices!!!
He loves to play his favorite time is beach time or bath time this kid is def a fish out of water!!!
hes a big boy and wants to eat everything we do ! hes starting to get on all 4 and do some rockin crazy i cant beleive he will be crawling soon time has seriously flown by! 
He loves to play with plates cups and utensils more than any cool light flashing noise making colorful toy ha.
and my favorite says mom ma ma ma ma al day long as for as knowing what or who ma is i really dont care because hes just so dang cute!! as far as sleeping we wont go there hey i guess he cant be perfect!

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