Sunday, November 28, 2010


So then it was over:( It was time to drive home another 11 hours.....but well worth every minute!

more fun times brought to you by arizona.......
 Biggest cowboy boot in the world!
 Smallest church in the world!
 Breakin out

 Setting off again
 This was a indian store we stopped at right out of havassue they had some cool stuff and awesome moccasins!

 Grandpa said there were no bugs out there..... yeah right this lil furry friend was right outside a store ready to go buy something!
 Jay beanie he made
back to the utah mountains

The trip was soooo much fun we love our families sooo much we have so much to be grateful for this thanksgiving season
We love you grandma and grandpa.....thanks for teaching us so much about how we want to be as we grow older!!!

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