Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Jack frost roasting on an open fire!!

 Step 1. find "The One"

 Step 2. Get out the music and stuff and let your ornament be your guide!
Step 3. Finished product!! ..If your wondering I had a lot of my tree decorations from my single days there kinda girly with the pink bows...but I love it!!!

O.k  I love christmas time and love christmas music more than the average person I make jay listen to it in the car when we drive anywhere he secretly likes it too! I also LOVE christmas trees ,we went and we got our very own christmas tree from home depot it was the first one we saw and right in front and not to expensive it looks fake its so darn pretty jay thinks its because they get them right here and they don't have to be shipped...anyway it was a fun FHE!


Jen Carter said...

Oh good you fixed your comment thing. I am so excited for you and your bun in the oven and your cute new Christmas tree! I'm glad you have a blog now too. Easier to keep up on things :)

The Hechts said...

Such a cute tree!! Love the pink bows!! Merry Christmas