Monday, March 21, 2011

Its a boy!!!!!!!!!

Welp ppl heres are lil one!!!He definatley is a boy he would not show his face but he gave us a great shot of his winkey and his bicep!! jay was ecstatic!! he kept saying look at his bicep look at it, every time she took a new shot it was all about how buff his lil body is it was really cute! we had a feeling it was a boy and i guess mother instincts are right!! we are sooo sooo sooo excited for this lil one to come into our family! The ultra sound definatley made this a whole lot more real than ever! he's perfectly healthy he doesn't weigh a pound yet but im sure he will soon....he's a very active lil booger he"s always doing twists and turns and punches its the coolest thing ever feeling him all day long! he's very alive at night which i hope he doesn't make to routine!! We picked a name already were gonna name him russel lee merrifield and call him rusty for short its fun finally giving him a name we talk to him and its cool to put a name to this lil thing growing inside me! were going to california in a month to have a baby shower jay is gonna make him a crib with his grandpa so that will be cool and of course i wanted it to be a pirate ship but it will probably just have to be a normal crib for now we really don't have room fror a pirate ship to fit in are closet seeing as how thats the only place we have to store him hhahah but im sure we will still try to make it as piraty as possible his lil corner in the closet! My belly is finally getting bigger i have gained around ten pounds so far and boy can i feel the weight when im working! i get really tired on my really long days at work doing praying that i wont get to big...not only cause gaining weight is not fun but because i need to work till the very end of my pregnancy! i have a pretty bad sphyatic pintch on my left side and that doesn't feel to good i can only imagine how it will feel as my belly starts growing rapidly.The lil guy only weighs not even a pound yet so i have 19 weeks left and he will be around 7-8 pounds yikes !!! But i love being pregnant its such a miracle and were stoked for are lil guy!!

he was head down and would not change positions...stubborn lil guy ...hmmmmm just like someone i know;)

I love his lil footsie!!!
well thats it for now maybe soon i will get a picture of my belly i havnt taken one soon ...hopefully


Brooke said...

Congratulations! We were sure we were having a boy, too...but we were way off! Haha. I'm so excited for you. You're more than half way there!!!

Chris and Nickels said...

Almost made me cry. I'm so excited for you! I miss being pregnant, but it's so great to finally meet and be with the little fellows. Goodluck and I'm excited to see you at the baby shower!!

shira said...

i am so excited for little rusty! he's gonna be soooo cute! i'm already shopping for little boy stuff! have u picked a date for ur baby shower in cali?

Meg said...

Yay! Congrats! Boys are so fun. I am so happy for you guys.

kelly said...

that is awesome! i told kiley but if she forgets to tell you there is a belly band you can buy at maternity stores,(not the one that helps you wear pants open) it will support your belly while you work. my sister in law does hair and her dr. made her wear one, she got really bad with the pressure standing on her feet all day. take care so he doesn't pop out early!