Tuesday, February 8, 2011

oh hello there people

OK....so i know i don't even know if anyone gets on here but i suck at updating!! sorry ppl. but our life has been sorta boring lately . Jay started school and i've just been working a ton.......my nights are filled with reading because jay is always studying and doesn't leave our room for hours! i read a lot of babies books or pregnancy magazines......im really starting to feel fat...i know i know im like barley showing.....but still all my clothes have been getting a lil tight lately....i've even resorted to wearing jays jeans......but it feels so good!! so im about 15 weeks along   almost 4 months....i always hate it when ppl talk in weeks i never understood .....but im starting to do it now too........gosh ok so this is what our "sea monkey" looks like

ahhhhhhhhhhh that is soooooo weird......anyway its cool because i've felt sea monkey flutter twice i cant wait to see what an actual kick will feel like!!

So we have some exciting things coming up #1 is that were going to CALIFORNIA...THE GREATEST place on EARTH......boy how i have missed it we've only been gone not even 6 months but it feels like a year.........so don't worry we will have many pictures to come...........until then just sit tight!!

#2 is that we find out what were having in three weeks and we will finally have a real picture of this lil alien sea monkey thingy!!!!.....awesome !!! i will try to lay off the donuts that vie been craving....yikes no wonder my pants don't fit!!!!

love lex


Jen Carter said...

Oh Lexy...I know exactly how you feel. I couldn't wait until I actually looked pregnant because I hated that "just feeling chubby" stage. It was the worst. I'm excited for you to feel real kicks too. Mine are so strong now that it wakes me up at night...and I can see them and poke at him and make him move around more. It's pretty awesome. So excited for you!!! (BTW I found at 17 weeks what I was having...just sayin :)

shira said...

can't wait to see u guys! i miss my lexy pie!!! i am so excited to find out what you're having! i'm sorta crossing my fingers for a little lexy-sailor!!!! that way our girls can be bffs!!! hurry up and find out what ur having so i can go shopping for some cute piratey clothes!!!

The Liddells said...

I hear ya. I always said, "I feel so huge," even though I could fit into my clothes still. But now I really feel huge. haha. You can actually tell that I'm pregnant.

The Liddells said...

I hear ya. I felt totally huge even when I wasn't really showing. But now I really am huge. And, feeling the baby kick is THE coolest thing!!!! Josh laughs at me because I could just sit all day and do nothing but focus on my moving stomach. I'm excited to find out what you're having!!!